Private Frank Ernest Vincent 31007

Private Frank Ernest Vincent 31007 - 2nd Batalion Worcestershire Regiment (Lewis gun team)
Killed in action on the 21st May 1917 at Arras (aged 33)

He is comemorated in France at the Faubourg d`amiens British military cemetery Arras Memorial Bay 6.

Prior to entering the army he was employed as a skilled sheet metal worker at Ash and Lacy Deritend Birmingham.
The above photograph was taken on his wedding day 27th March 1910, married Ada Hannah Sidney (she died on 6th May 1973).
A daughter, Ethel was born 31st Nov 1910, died July 2005 Who married Norman Williams they had five children Norman, Jean, geoffrey, John and Christine.
A son, Frank Richard born 8th June 1914, died 26 Dec 1965, Who married Sarah Everett they had two children Frank Everett and Linda Joan.

(Photo and letters submitted by Frank Vincent)

Below are copies of letters he wrote to his wife and children from the trenches just days before he was killed:

Thurs. 2 p.m. 11th May 1917
Dear wife and children,

I received your parcel quite safe this afternoon just as we were about to have tea and you can bet I soon cut the cake and they all said it was very nice you sprang a surprise on one with it but it came in very useful, the biscuits were the only things that were broken but they went down alright thanks very much for it I will treat you when I come home and may it be soon, did you send it because I asked mother to send one or has she said anything about it.
I am going on alright we have not gone into the firing line yet and hope you are all going on alright at home I often have to look at the photo and wonder when I shall see you all again but it may come come to a finish any day let us hope it will not be long I daresay the people at home are about sick of itlet alone us who are out here it has been very warn here today and now it has started to rain.

..............The last part of the letter was missing.

Wed. 9am 17th May 1917
I will let Bill Harrison and Hetty know as soon as I receive the parcel I ate the pineapple in the trenches for my tea it went down alright. I was only thinking what a difference to home being in the trenches.
Dear Ada on a morning at daybreak when a bombardment is on you hear the larks singing above the noise it is like a mocking and in the trenches we were in a cat was there, after a while it did not trouble about the shells.
I am glad to hear the children are going on alright. You tell Frankie to turn Bernard out of his house. Do not write again till you have another letter from me or PC tell Bill that I am on a Lewis gun team he will know what it is I am glad the garden is going alright but I will soon streighten it up when I come, dear Ada remember me to your mother and all at home and give the children a kiss from dad xxxxx Dear Ada xxxxxx good night and god bless you all your loving husband Frank xxxxxx
I have just been looking at the photo and I wonder when I shall see you all againit makes me feel full up, well trust in god to come through safe xxx

...........The bottom of this letter is torn

Wed 17th May 1917
Dear wife and children,

I received your welcome letter last night just as we came from the trenches we are going back again tonight to the firing line but I shall pray to god to come through it safe if anything should happen to me I will arrange with a pal to let you know but cheer up I shall come back safe to you all again.
I am glad to hear you went and had a drink with mother and called at Davids I bet they were surprised to see you I will write to you again as soon as I come from the firing line

Fri. 9 am
Dear Ada,

We are moving today so I received your parcel in time it is a lovely morning and very warm I will let you know as soon as I come out of the trenches we only go in for 3 days with gods help I shall come out safe again let us hope,, I am saving some of the parcel for the trenches it could go down very nice there, I think I have said all this time dear Ada so give the children a kiss from dad xxxxxx
God bless you all your loving husband Frank xxx
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