Bringing Uncle Albert Home

Bringing Uncle Albert Home By David P. Whithorne
Published by Sutton Publishing Limited, Gloucestershire.

ISBN: 0-7509-3287-2
Published 2003

Private Albert Turley was just an ordinary British soldier of World War I. He died on the Somme for king and country. He didn't win any medals for gallantry and has no known grave.

Like thousands more soldiers whose names fill local war memorials the length of the country, he left neither letters nor diaries from which to reconstruct his story. This book describes one man's search for the story of his distant relative, describing Private Turley's active service with the 3rd Battalion -The Worcestershire Regiment that led to his death in one of the most infamous battles of the 20th century. David Whithorn's reconstruction of Albert's story from surviving records and histories led to a pilgrimage following his footsteps to the Somme hillside where he fell in August 1916. This is both a tightly focused history of the 3rd Worcestershire and a detective story that eventually reveals what happened to Private Albert Turley.