An Infantry Signaller 1939-1945

By William Gould

(Private booklet a copy of which is in the archives at RHQ Norton)


Bill Gould tells his story as an infantry signaller with the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment just prior and during the battle for North West Europe in 1944-45.

He joined the Regiment in 1940 and spent time with them training as part of the 9th Armoured Division in Welford district of the Northamptonshire.

He recalls his time at Hythe before embarking from Newhaven for Normandy in June 1944 and tells the story of the training under the new commanding officer Lieut.-Colonel Harrison.

The author was a member of a signals platoon. A signaller in the infantry is a specialist whose chief task in action is to supply the communication ‘between the various Company formations and other groups which make up a Battalion. It is vital that a Battalion Commander shall at all times be kept in contact with his command, and for this purpose a Platoon of roughly forty men are trained for providing that information.

His story covers the his experiences throughout the campaign.

You can download a copy of this book in Acrobat pdf format by clicking here. Please note this is a large file (1.6MBytes).

Bill in 1944

Sgt. W. J. (Bill) GOULD (No. 52558244) joined 11th Bn The Worcestershire Regiment at Hereford Racecourse on 26 July 1940. He must have wondered what he was joining as there were shortages in all supplies and uniforms were not immediately avail­able while arms drill was done with broom sticks. The 11th Battalion reformed as the 1st Battalion and he remained with it until discharged in 1946. He served with distinction in the Signals Platoon in North West Europe.

As well as recording his experiences as an Infantry Signaller, he also wrote poems in his spare time. Bill, continued his keen interest in the Regiment after the war by making many visits to Normandy to identify and record the graves of all the members of the 1st Battalion who had been killed.
Bill died at Naseby, Northants on 5th December 1996 at the aged 84.

Bill in 1995