Colonel Edward Henry WESTROPP

Commanded the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment from June 1860 to March 1862.

Edward Henry Westropp was born at Christ Church, Cork, Ireland on the 30th March 1819, the son of Henry Bruen Westropp and Maria Wallis Westropp (nee Armstrong).

He was commissioned, by purchase, in to the 67th Foot as an Ensign on the 2nd November 1838. On the 8th April 1842 he was promoted to Lieutenant in to the 29th Foot.

He served with the 29th Foot at First Sikh Wars at Ferozeshah and Sobraon.

He was promoted to Captain on the 5th August 1847 and to Major on the 20th July 1858.

On the 12th JUne 1860 he was promoted to Lieut.-Colonel and given command of the 29th Foot (Worcestershire Regiment).

He retired from the army on the 24th March 1862.

Colonel Edward Henry Westropp died on the 19th February 1895 (age 75) at Rahara, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. He was burried on the 23rd February 1895, in the family grave at Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin.






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