General Sir Charles TROLLOPE, K.G.B.

Commanded 36th Regiment Foot (Reserve and 1st Battalion) from November 1846 to April 1852.
(became 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in 1881)


Charles Trollope entered the army as Ensign in the 17th Regiment of Foot, his commission being dated 19th of November 1825. On 9th of October 1826, he Was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant unattached, and he was appointed to a Lieutenancy in 36th Regiment on 22nd of February 1827. On 23rd of August 1830, he was promoted to a company in the regiment, and on the 28th of November of the same year, he embarked for the West Indies, where he served till 14th of June 1831. He again served in the West Indies from 25th of July 1835, to 8th December 1838, when he proceeded with the regiment to Frederickstown, New Brunswick, North America, and served there till 21st of June 1839.

On 16th of June 1843, he was promoted to a majority in the regiment, and on the 20th of November 1846, he was appointed Lieutenant-Colonel in command of the Reserve Battalion, on its formation, with which he embarked for the Ionian Islands on 2nd January 1847. While in command of this Battalion he commanded the troops in the Island of Cephalonia in 1848-49-50. In August 1848, the towns of Argostoli and Lixuri were
attacked by armed banditti, Who were repulsed by the troops with loss on both sides. In 1849, the island was disturbed by armed insurgents. Martial law was proclaimed, which remained in force six weeks, and Was carried into effect by him. Received the thanks of the Queen and of the Legislature of the islands, and was voted a sword of honour by the inhabitants of Cephalonia. The Reserve Battalion having been consolidated with the 1st Battalion in Corfu, in April 1850, Colonel Trollope embarked at Cephalonia in March 1851, in command of four companies which formed a depot in the Isle of Wight.

On 2nd of April 1852, he was transferred as Lieutenant-Colonel to the command of 62nd Foot, and was promoted Brevet-Colonel on 20th of June 1854. He served in the Eastern Campaign from 10th of November 1854, until July 1855, as Colonel on the staff, he commanded the 1st Brigade, 2nd Division; on 31st of July, he was gazetted Brigadier-General, and commanded the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, from that date until the army was broken up.

Commanded in the trenches as general of the day, right attack on three separate occasions, when sorties were made upon them and repulsed, and was present on all other occasions when the 2nd Division was employed, including the 8th and 18th of June, on the former in command of the old guard, and on the latter in command of five regiments. On the 8th of September, he was in command of 2nd Brigade in reserve with the 3rd Division (Medal and Clasps, C.B., Officer of the Legion of Honour, Sardinian and Turkish medals, and third class of the Medjidie.)