Lieut.-Colonel Jack Dillon RICKETTS, D.S.O. (66129)

Commanded the Depot Worcestershire Regiment from April 1955 to January 1958.

Jack Dillon Ricketts (known as John) was commissioned from R.M.C. Sandhurst, on 29th August 1935, and saw his first service until January 1937, at Aldershot. He was then posted to the 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment at Sialkot, India. From March to November 1938, he was Station Staff Officer, Jutogh Hill Station, near Simle, India.

He was on leave in England on the outbreak of the Second World War 1939-1945 and mobilised at the Regimental Depot, Norton Barracks, where he was appointed Assistant Adjutant and signalling Officer, I.T.C., The Worcestershire Regiment. From May 1940 to December 1941, he was Adjutant of the 10th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in Northern Ireland, and a Company Commander in that Battalion from January 1942 to July 1944.

In September 1944, he was re-posted to the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment and commanded a Rifle Company in that Battalion (‘B’ Company) with the rank of Temporary Major.

He served in North West Europe from October 1944 to July 1954.

He was awarded the D.S.O. (for the action at Tripsrath on the 18th November 1944) whilst serving with the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in North West Europe.

From August to December 1945, he was a Company Commander with the 2nd Battalion The Royal Warwickshire Regiment in Belgium and Palestine.

He was appointed D.A.A.G., H.Q.3 Infantry Division, Palestine in December 1945, and this was followed by a course at the Staff College, Quetta from June to December 1946. After leaving the Staff College he was successively Brigade Major to 6th British Independent Para. Brigade., India and then to 3rd Para. Brigade, Palestine.

From March 1948 to March 1951, he was G.S.O. II, Ministry of Supply in London.

In 1949 he married Dorothy Patterson in Surrey, and they had a son Harry.

Lieut.-Colonel J. D. Ricketts
(known as "John")

Re-posted again to the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, he commanded a Rifle Company in the Battalion in operations against Communist Terrorists in Malaya from May 1951, to August 1953. He was appointed D.A.Q.M.G. (Quartering) War Office in September 1953, and in April 1955, he was selected to command the Worcestershire Regimental Depot at Norton Barracks, which appointment he held until January 1958.

At the conclusion of his tour of duty as Depot Commander he was promoted to the rank of Lieut.-Colonel and assumed the appointment of C.O., The Hong Kong Regiment, Royal Hong Kong Defence Corps, Hong Kong, until returning to England on the expiration of this command in April 1960. On his return to the U.K. he was Administrative Officer (R.O. III), at Regimental Headquarters, Norton Barracks.

Lieut.-Colonel Ricketts retired on July 5th 1960, after 25 years service.

Lieut.-Colonel Ricketts suffered a heart attack and underwent major heart surgery at the Queen Elizebeth Medical Centre, Birmingham but sadly died on Sunday 22nd November 1992. His funeral was held at Lower Broadheath Church on the 1st December 1992. On the 9th January 1993 a Service of Thanksgiving in memory of his life was held at Worcester Cathedral.