Lieut.-Colonel Frank Stewart RAMSAY (18103)

Commanded the 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment from November 1946 to September 1947.

Frank Stewart Ramsay was Born on the 20th February 1901 at Devonport, son of Ernest James Ramsay (Marine Engine Maker) and Alice Ramsay (nee Primmer).

He joined the Worcestershire Regiment from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in July 1920. After a period of service with the 4th and 2nd Battalions in Germany and Ireland, he went out to the Iraq Levies, where he spent five years, being awarded King Feisal's Iraq medal for his service—an unusual medal for an Army Officer.

On leaving Iraq, Lieut.-Colonel Ramsay joined the 1st Battalion in India.

From 1931 to 1934 he was Adjutant of the Regimental Depot at Norton Barracks, Worcester.

On the 2nd October 1934 he was promoted to rank of Captain.

From 1935 to 1940 he was Adjutant of the 8th Battalion and went with them to France as part of the B.E.F. in January 1940. He had the misfortune to be taken Prisoner of War while commanding "B" Company, at the village of Bambecque, in the latter stages of the Retreat to Dunkirk in 1940.

For the next 5 years he was a Prisoner of War in Germany and finally ended his time there at Oflag 9A/H (Spangenberg-Kassel, Hessen-Nassau).

On the 1st August 1938 he was promoted to rank of Major.

Lieut.-Colonel F. S. Ramsay
(known as The "Ram")

Officers of the 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment - Maymyo, Burma (1947)

In 1945 and 1946 he commanded Battalions of the Royal Warwickshire and South Staffordshire Regiments. In 1946 he was appointed to command the Middle East Training Centre as a full Colonel. He gave up his appointment to take over command of the 2nd Battalion in Burma in November 1946, and in 1947 brought the Battalion home for disbandment. Prior to his retirement, Lieut.-Colonel Ramsay held an appointment on the War Office Selection Board at Catterick. He was granted the honorary rank of Lieut.-Colonel on retirement.

Major F. S. Ramsay retired from the Army 8th August 1949 and was granted the honorary rank of Lieut.-Colonel.

After leaving the army he worked for Schweppes for a time before becoming Manager of the Hurlington Sports Stadium.

Lieut.-Colonel F. S. Ramsay died on the 23rd April 1985 while playing tennis at Hurlington. He was 84 years of age.