Lieut.-Colonel Robert Bramston MOSS, M.B.E. (12208)

Commanded the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment from September 1943 to January 1944.
Commanded the 8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment from January 1943 to September 1944.

Lieut.-Colonel Moss was born 14th July 1900, he was commissioned into The Worcestershire Regiment on 17th December, 1919 and joined the 4th Battalion in Cologne, Germany in 1920. On the disbandment of that Battalion, in 1922, he joined the 2nd Battalion and served with it almost continuously in Dover, Germany, Plymouth, Malta, China and India until 1938.

In 1937, while temporarily detached from the 2nd Battalion and serving as D.A.P.M., 1st Indian Division in Waziristan, he was awarded the M.B.E. for his services on the North West Frontier. He rejoined the 1st Battalion in 1938 and served during the Arab rebellion, in Palestine, in 1938/39.

On the outbreak of the 1939/45 war he was Training Officer at the I.T.C., Norton Barracks, Worcester. In January 1943 he was appointed Commanding Officer, 8th Battalion The Worcestershire Regiment and he continued to command that Battalion in Lincolnshire, until September that year, when he was transferred and appointed to command the 1st Battalion The Worcestershire Regiment, in Kent, until January 1944.

From 1945 to 1947 he served in the Middle East, first as Commandant of a P.O.W. Camp and later as Commanding Officer of the Base Transit Depot, Alexandria, Egypt.

He retired in October 1947, after nearly 28 years service with The Worcestershire Regiment and the Army, and devoted all his energies to voluntary service. He was tireless in his work for the welfare of the old people in Hythe.

Lieut.-Colonel Bramston Moss, died at his home at his home 26b Hillcrest Road, Hythe, Kent, on 7th July, 1971 after been in poor health for some years. His funeral took place at Hythe Parish Church on 13th July and The Worcestershire Regiment was represented by Major W. A. M. Chippindale.

Lieut.-Colonel R. B. Moss, M.B.E.