Colonel Patrick William MacMAHON, C.B.

Commanded the 36th Regiment of Foot (1st Battalion) from December 1866 to April 1870.
(became 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in 1881)


Patrick William MacMahon entered the army as Ensign on 6th of November 1835, and was appointed to the 81st Foot, but shortly afterwards removed to 44th Foot. He embarked on 4th of July 1836, for East Indies, where he remained until 17th of April 1838, when he returned to England. He was promoted on 28th of February 1840, to a Lieutenantcy. On 2nd of November 1840, he again embarked for the East Indies, and served with the relieving force in the advance into Afghanistan under General Pollock at the period of the disastrous outbreak at Cabul in 1842, as adjutant and interpreter.*

He remained in the East Indies until 21st of March 1843, when he again returned to England. On 17th of May 1845, he was promoted to the rank of Captain in his regiment, and on the 15th of June 1850, he embarked from Malta, Where he served until 19th of May 1851; from thence, on 20th May, he proceeded to Gibraltar, where he remained until 10th of March, 1854, when he again returned to Malta until 11th of June, 1854. He then proceeded with the 44th Regiment to Turkey, and took part in the Eastern campaign from 14th of September 1854, to 30th April 1856. He was engaged in the battles of Alma, 20th of September 1854, and Inkerman, 5th of November 1854, siege of Sebastopol from 12th of December 1854, to September 1855, when the place fell. On 29th of December 1854, he was promoted to a majority. For these services he received the Crimean medal, &c. On 28th of August 1857, he was promoted Second Lieutenant-Colonel of 44th Regiment in which rank he again served in the East Indies from 12th of January 1858, to 16th of March 1860, when he proceeded to China and served there until 22nd of December 1861. He commanded the 44th Regiment at the battle of Sinho on 12th of August and Tankee on 14th of August 1860, and also in the assaults of the Taku Forts on the 21st of August, 1860. (Mentioned in Sir Hope Grant's despatch.) For these distinguished services, he was appointed Companion of the Bath on 15th of February 1861, obtained the China medal and clasp for Taku Forts, and was promoted to brevet colonel on 4th of May, 1861.

On 23rd of December 1861, he again proceeded to the East Indies, Where he commanded 44th Foot to 23rd of December 1865. He obtained the Lientenant-Colonelcy of the 36th Regiment on 28th of December 1866, by exchange with Colonel Hort, and assumed command on 25th of February 1867. He held the command until 3rd of April 1870, when he was appointed to the command of the Sialkot Brigade, on the staff of the Bengal Presidency. His command he held till his death, at Brighton, 14th of October 1871.

Crimean medal and clasps for Alma, Inkerman, and Sebastopol. Decoration of Knight of Legion of Honour, conferred by the Emperor of the French 18th of July 1856, for distinguished conduct in the field. Sardinian war medal 23rd July 1857. Fifth class of the order of Medjidie, 2nd March 1858. Turkish Crimean medal 5th of November 1860. Companion of the Bath, 15th of February 1861, for service in the field.

* On arrival at Loodicina, the then frontier station, news having arrived of the annihilation of the Forty-fourth regiment in the Jugdallack Pass, Lieutenant MacMahon with his detachment was ordered to return down country to reorganise.