Lieut.-Colonel Arthur Edward LASCELLES

Commanded the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment from 10th March 1912 to December 1914.

Arthur Edward Lascelles was born in 1865 at Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Educated at All Saints School, Boxham, Oxford.

Commissioned from the Royal Military College in to the Norfolk Regiment as a Lieutenant on the 30th January 1886, and joined their 1st Battalion.

On the 29th January 1889, at St Marks Church, Wyke, Surrey, he married Hilda Burnett, daughter of Mr Charles Douglas Burnett of Henley Park, Guildford.

In the South Africa war of 1899-1902 he held a number of Officer Staff appointments, initially as a Staff Captain to a Commandant of the Lines of Communications. On the 29th December 1899 he was appointed Deputy-Assistant Adjutant General (with the local rank of Major) this was a position he held until 14th November 1900. He also received a mention in despatches for his service in the South African War.

As Captain (Brevet Major) he was appointed Adjutant of the 1st Battalion Norfolk Regiment on the 15th March 1902, a position he held until 7th December 1904.

On the 29th March 1905 he was promoted to Major and on the 1st December 1906 was appointed Deputy-Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General. On the 3rd August 1907 he was appointed Deputy-Assistant Quartermaster General of Southern Command.

Lieut.-Colonel A. E. Lascelles

In 1908 he divorced from his wife. He had one child, a daughter.

He was made Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel on the 19th February 1910.

He promoted Lieutenant-Colonel and appointed to command the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment on the 10th March 1912, then stationed at Parkhurst, Isle of Wight. In 1913 he took the 1st Battalion to Egypt (Alexandria and Cairo). At the out break of the First World War in 1914, he brought the 1st Battalion back to the England, arriving at Liverpool on the 16th October 1914.
Back in England the battalion joined the 24th Brigade and sailed for France in November that year.

He was invalid home from France in December 1914. Received a mention in despatches (London Gazette 17/02/1915).


After recovering back in England, he was posted to the Training Centre of the Machine Gun Corps, until 14th September 1916 and was appointed Assistant Commander on the 11th October 1915.

Lieut.-Colonel Arthur Edward Lascelles retired from the army on the 15th February 1917, due to ill health contracted while on active service.

He died at his home at Honiton, Devon in 1943 at the age of 78.

1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment Officers - Cairo, Egypt, 1914
Back row: Lieut. K. W. Wilkins, 2/Lieut. Hamilton-Cox, 2/Lieut. F. C. Roberts, 2/Lieut. L. G. Phillips, 2/Lieut. J. H. Tristram.
Second row: Lieut. & Qr.-Mr. C. Henson, Lieut. E. L. G. Lawrence, Lieut. E. O. Underhill, Lieut. C. F. G. Crawford, Lieut. J. F. Leman, Lieut. J. S. Veasey.
Front row: Captain T. K. Pardoe, Captain G. W. St. G. Grogan, Major E. C. F. Wodehouse, D.S.O., Lieut.-Colonel A. E. Lascelles, Major B. K. W. Bacon, Captain & Adjutant J. F. S. Winnington, Captain T. Fitzjohn