General Sir John Josiah HORT, Bart., C.B.

Commanded the 36th Regiment of Foot (1st Battalion) from May 1857 to December 1866.
(became 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in 1881)


John Josiah Hort entered the army as Ensign in the 61st Foot, his commission being dated 20th of November 1840. On 27th of September 1842, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and on 30th of June 1845, he embarked with his regiment for the East Indies Where he served until 15th of September 1848. On 29th of September 1846, he was promoted to the rank of Captain, and on 27th of May 1847, he exchanged into the 4th Regiment of Foot. On 8th of March 1854, he sailed for Malta. From thence he proceeded to the Crimea, where he was engaged as Captain in the battles of Alma, 20th of September 1854; Inkerman, 5th of November 1854; siege of Sebastopol, to 12th of December 1854; as Major, siege of Sebastopol, from 13th of December 1854,
until September, 1855, When the place fell, and as lieutenant-colonel until the peace, March 30th, 1856. Crimean medal with clasps for Alma, Inkerman and Sebastopol, Sardinian Medal for Military Valour, Fifth Class of Imperial Turkish Order of the Medjidie, Turkish Crimean Medal.

On 2nd of November 1855, he was promoted Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel in the army for distinguished service in the field; and on 7th of February 1856, he was promoted Lieutenant-Colonel. On 10th January 1857, he was transferred to the half-pay list on reduction of establishment, and on 15th of May of same year he obtained the command of the 36th Regiment by exchange with lieutenant-colonel Ashmore. On 9th of April 1861, he was promoted to the rank of colonel in the army, and on 15th of August 1863, he embarked with the regiment for the East Indies. On 28th of December 1866, he exchanged into the 44th Regiment of Foot. Promoted Major-General 6th of March 1868; Lieutenant-General 10th August 1878, and General 1st of July 1881.

He succeeded his father as third Baronet on 24th August 1876, and died on 5th January 1882.