Colonel Francis Seymour ALLEN

Commanded the 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment from 11th December 1895 to 11th December 1899.

Francis Seymour Allen born 1853 in Cresselly House, Jefferston, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Mother was Lady Catharine Allen.

Francis Seymour Allen was commissioned in to the 36th Foot (2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment) as a Sub. Lieutenant on the 9th March 1872 but then given the rank of Lieutenant.

He was appointed Adjutant of the 36th Foot on the 22nd October 1877.

Married Florence Emma M. Symonds at Plymouth in 1878.

Appointed Instructor of Musketry on the 1st April 1880.

On the 29th June 1881promoted to rank of Captain.

Appointed Adjutant of the 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment on the 15th November 1886.

Promoted to rank of Major on the 3rd October 1888.

Promoted to Lieut.-Colonel on the 11th December 1895 and took command of the 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment.

Retires from the Army on the 7th March 1900 with the rank of Brevet Colonel.

Died on the 18th June 1932 at the time he was living at 74 Redcliffe Gardens, Kensington, London.

Colonel F. S. Allen