1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment - North West Europe 1944

VERNON - The River Seine Crossing (25th to 28th August 1944) - Part 10

List of Officers 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment and NCO’s at Vernon


Lieut.-Colonel Robert Edward Osborne-Smith (41242) – Battalion C.O. (Northamps)

Major Anthony Alistair Benn (44813) – 2nd-in-Command (7th E. Yorks)

Captain Walter Lewin Leadbeater (226583) – Adjutant

Captain Robert Duff-Chalmers (263476) – Medical Officer (R.A.M.C.)

Lieut. Roy Humphreys (293201) – Intelligence Officer

Captain William Speirs (248378) - Padre

Captain W. L. Leadbeater

HQ Company

Captain A. M. Ford (71459) – Company C.O. (K.S.L.I.)

Lieut. James Edward Benny (274174) – Quartermaster (Welch R.)

Captain Nelson Victor Jones (124746) – Transport Officer

Captain Peter E. Gray – Signals Officer (from the 9th Sept. 1944)

Sergeant James Thomas “Jim” Norton (5254043) – Signals Sergeant

Company Sergeant Major A. Hawkeswood (5254334)

R.Q.M.S. J. Sanders

Capt. N. V. Jones

'A' Company

Major Malcolm Alfred Gibbins (145429) – Company C.O.

Captain Keith Robert Henshaw James (182248) - 2nd-in-Command

Company Sergeant Major W. Hutchins

Lieut. John Edward Oliver Davies (CDN 548) – 7 Platoon Commander

Lieut. Frederick Stanthorpe Trimnell (251272) – 8 Platoon Commander

2nd Lieut. William Francis Jennings (338180) – 9 Platoon Commander

C.Q.M.S. William Stringer (5258444)

Captain K. R. H. James

'B' Company

Major Alfred Albert (Algy) Grubb (121454) – Company C.O. (R. Hamps.)

Captain Noel Watkins (174313) - 2nd-in-Command

– 10 Platoon Commander

Sergeant Frank Nyland ( ) – 11 Platoon Commander

2/Lieut. Reginald Neil Fellows (315209) – 12 Platoon Commander

Sergeant David Hugh Kerrigan (5250370) – 12 Platoon

C.Q.M.S. G. Walton

Major A. A. Grubb

'C' Company

Major Sidney Karl (Jerry) Clover (39720) – Company Commander

A/Major (Captain) Donald Yewdall “Doc” Watson (134310)

Captain Roger Arthur William Miller (112886) - 2nd-in-Command

Company Sergeant Major William James John (Jimmy) Lane (5252560)

Sergeant P. Saunders – 13 Platoon Commander

Sergeant H. C. Harrison (5258274) – 14 Platoon Commander

Lieut. Henri Paul Fiset (CDN 338) – 15 Platoon Commander

Sergeant Miles – 15 Platoon

C.Q.M.S. R. Pawling (5249734)

CSM J. Lane

'D' Company

Major Mowbray Morris Souper (134308) – Company Commander

Capt. Bryan Norman Rawnsley Elder (130065) - 2nd-in-Command (temporary in command as Major Souper was sick)

Sergeant S. Potter (5258380) – 17 Platoon

Lieut. W. G. Hunt (CDN 163) – 18 Platoon Commander

Major M.M. Souper

Support Company

Capt. Harold Redmore Hodge (132193) - Company Commander (Essex R.)

Capt. John Wilson (Jock) Bannister (174308)– Mortar Platoon Commander

Lieut. R. Brown ( ) – Carrier Platoon Commander

Sergeant J. Geobey – Carrier Platoon

Lieut. Frederick Thomas Coulcher (240285) – Anti-Tank Platoon Commander

Sergeant John Isaac Guest (5258245) – Anti-Tank Platoon

Lieut. John Patrick Allum (299664) – Pioneer Platoon Commander (E. Surrey R.)

Sergeant W. Priest – Pioneer Platoon

C.Q.M.S. C. Buss

Captain H. R. Hodge

214 Brigade Tac. H.Q.

Lt. Henry Herbert Humphrey James (256431) – Worc. Regt. Liaison Officer

Lt. Denys Charles “Benny” Goodman (308462) – Worc. Regt. Liaison Off.

Lieut. D. C. Goodman



Company Sergeant Major S. Street

Company Sergeant Major W. Medcroft (wounded 27th August 1944)

Company Sergeant Major L. A. Crossingham






CSM L. A. Crossingham
(later promotted to Lieutenant)


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