The Friends of the Mercian Regiment Museum (Worcestershire)

Friends of Mercian Regt. Museum

The Mercian Regiment Museum (Worcestershire) preserves the heritage and traditions of both the regular and reserve elements of the Mercian Regiment and its predecessors, originally the 29th Foot (subsequently to become the Worcestershire Regiment) and the 36th Foot (the Herefordshire Regiment). In 1881 these two regiments were joined together to form the Worcestershire Regiment, which was itself combined with the Sherwood Foresters in 1970. Since then, further amalgamations have resulted in the formation of The Mercian Regiment which has served with distinction in Afghanistan in recent years.
The collections consist of uniforms, badges, medals, accoutrements, weapons, archives, ephemera, paintings, drawings and prints, and the collections expand as a result of: bequests, the occasional purchase, and gifts from the public of relevant objects. Part of the collection is exhibited in a suite of galleries in Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum in the Foregate.

Single Membership costs £15 per year and Family Membership £20. These are minimum amounts and you are urged to consider contributing more. The benefits consist of:

• Two or three Newsletters a year with articles about objects in the collections and the people to whom they belonged,
• Two lectures a year, one of which is usually a 'show and tell' session with the curator and volunteers who display objects that are not part of the public exhibitions,
• The possibility of assisting the Museum as a volunteer depending upon being able to match 'your' skills or experience to jobs that need doing,
• 10% discount on Regimental Museum shop purchases.
• A discount on ticket prices for paying events.

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If you would like to join The Friends of the Mercian Regiment Museum send the following:

To Bob Prophet, Mercian Regiment Museum, Dancox House, Pheasant Street, Worcester WR1 2EE
I/We would like to join The Friends of the Mercian Regiment Museum and enclose a cheque for *£15.00/£20/£______ made out to The Friends of the Mercian Regiment Museum OR Standing Order form

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Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

______________________________________________ postcode __________________________ Telephone ___________________________________
*Strike out which do not apply

If you would like a Standing Order Form then CLICK HERE FOR A PRINT VERSION.