1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment 1944-45 - Awards and Citations

WS/Lieut. Ralph MORGAN (302126)

Ralph Morgan was recommended by Lieut.-Col. A. W. N. L. Vickers on the 2nd December 1944 for an immediate Military Cross.

Military Cross (London Gazette date 22nd March 1945)


“During the attack and subsequent actions of 1 WORC. R. against the villages of RISCHDEN and TRIPSRATH from 18th November to 23rd November, this Officer showed outstanding gallantry, leadership and devotion in command of his Platoon. During the initial approach to Woods East of GILRATH, he displayed great steadiness and determination in keeping his men well up behind our artillery concentration, although casualties were being suffered from “shorts”. On entering the woods the Platoon came under heavy and accurate small arms fire at short range. Lieut. MORGAN at once utilized his Platoon’s full fire power, gained the initiative and pushed on mopping up and taking prisoners. He showed the greatest determination in driving forward through the difficult and confusing wooded country and handled his Platoon weapons with exceptional dash and skill against an enemy well concealed and firing strongly. His personal example was responsible for his Platoon gaining their objective quickly and with few casualties despite the opposition. During the reorganization on the objective, Lieut. MORGAN saw a German Officer with a M.G. Team taking up a position about fifty yards to his front on the edge of a copse. Lieut. MORGAN at once engaged the enemy with his own rifle and wounded the Officer. He then took one Bren gunner and, without hesitation or regard for personal risk, rushed the enemy post. This quick and bold action so demoralized the Germans that Lieut. MORGAN was able to take them prisoner. By his action, this Officer undoubtedly removed a serious threat to his Platoon and greatly facilitated the further advance of his Company. Throughout the advance through RISCHDEN to TRIPSRATH he set an outstanding example of leadership and constantly steadied and encouraged his men through heavy enemy shelling, and was at all times an inspiration to his men. This Officer’s conduct was materially responsible for the successful action of the leading company.”



Ralph Morgan was born at Cropthorne, Worcestershire on the 25th December 1918. He was commissioned into the Green Howards on the 15th August 1943. He transferred to the Worcestershire Regiment on the 29th April 1944. On the 7th October 1944 he was posted to the 1st Battalion as a Platoon Commander in ‘C’ Company. After the war on the 13th February 1946 he joined the Army Air Corps. He left the Army in 1948.
Ralph Morgan died (Worcestershire) in 1986, age 67.

Lieut. Ralph Morgan M.C.